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Author Topic: THE END OF FILM BIZARRO  (Read 3233 times)

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« on: May 17, 2019, 05:47:36 PM »

(Posted: 7 Juny 2018)
We have decided to end the site after 10 long years. We started back in 2008 for one reason: we wanted an outlet to write about weird movies, indie movies, horror movies, whatever fancied our butts at the time. We've reviewed anything from Ingmar Bergman to Hans Scheirl. We've reviewed pure comedies, and purely experimental pieces of art. Even though we focused a lot on underground horror, we were always open to pretty much anything. The plan was always to just be honest, and hopefully not be too pretentious about it. We never claimed to be great writers and I believe our readers would agree - but we've offered a wide variety of titles for people to read about, and that's what we've been passionate about.

In the recent years our activity has decreased, and it's for the same reason we are ending the site: we haven't really had the time, money or motivation to write as frequently. In our 10 years of reviewing movies we have gotten a ton of great movies sent to us by wonderful filmmakers and distributors - but even though we believe movies is a great currency, we can't pay bills or food with them. The site has been costing us time and money we have not been able to invest. We are also 10 years older now than when we started, so our lives are very different than they used to be. There are a lot of personal things that we need to invest time into.

The other reason is the motivation, and that's a big one. Everything is so accessible now, that we don't see a need for a site like ours anymore. Everyone has contact with everyone through social media, and everyone has found groups of people to discuss and share movies with. Our purpose was to tell people about movies, but visiting our site is a much bigger annoyance than just browsing a group on social media, where many of us already spend a lot of time.

Another motivation killer has been the amount of drama in the indie/underground scene. We have stayed away from pretty much all of it, but one way or another the drama is always in our face. We're not gonna go into details here, but it's hard to be motivated to write for a specific demographic while all of this is going on. Unfortunately the shit seems to be leaking from everyone: filmmakers, reviewers, fans - all categories have some very strong personalities that just poop drama. We've had no interest in this so instead we've frequented social media less and less, and in the end Film Bizarro has been walking deeper and deeper into the shadows.

So what's gonna happen now?

Well, we are in the beginning of the end. We still have some things we want to get done. Unfortunately there is no way for us to get through everything that is in our screener pile, so please understand that not everything will be covered in time. We apologize if you feel we have led you to believe we would absolutely cover your work, we only did that if we believed we would. We would have announced this earlier but we didn't want to do it prematurely, in case something came up that allowed us to continue.

For our big finale, which will serve as a combined Farewell and a 10th anniversary celebration, we plan to write a couple of lists and articles covering some of our favorite movies, filmmakers, partners and distributors over the years. Think of it as a big Film Bizarro awards show, done through a series of articles.

Film Bizarro as a "brand" doesn't end here. We don't know what will happen in the future, but we will not be continuing our reviewing on For example, the brand lives on through Film Bizarro Productions and Film Bizarro Releasing (even though there is nothing big in the works for either of these now). If we want to work on something that we believe fits under the Film Bizarro name then we will. Our dream would be to one day release a book with our reviews - but we'll see what happens. Don't expect anything until we've announced that it has been set in stone.

Hopefully we can keep the website online for a while so that you can access our content, but don't take this as a guarantee either.

Thank YOU for everything. Readers, filmmakers, distributors, partners, friends - you're all the reason why we continued for 10 years. Keep your eyes open for further news about all of this.

And please check back when we do our finale articles!

- Ronny & Preston

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« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2019, 08:04:32 PM »
Real shame it is coming to this, always loved reading whatever they shared!

Hope the book idea comes to fruition!

Ronny needs to do more movies...