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Author Topic: Beyond Horror: The History and Sub-Culture of Red Films  (Read 22977 times)

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Re: Beyond Horror: The History and Sub-Culture of Red Films
« Reply #61 on: October 03, 2020, 08:01:02 PM »
Marcus Koch
September 21 at 12:21 AM  Shared with:Public
BEYOND HORROR Update.   .... been a long hard road. almost a year on the road with film festival screenings, the last 6 months of film fest screenings all shut down. due to covid.  this has been a rough year for sure.  since the shut down, dvd/blu manufacturing as also been shut down.. our game plan was to have things wrap up the film fest circuit in june. then get the extended cut out on blu to our amazing kickstarter backers....  but since we couldn't
 press blu rays or dvds, during the lock down...we continued to collect more amazing interviews....if youve been following me.. you might have heard last month i ran into some computer troubles. i lost 2 harddrvies. in a lightning storm... i salvaged everything i could and got things backed up to a new harddrive. as well as got a new editing computer, only problem is , my entire life ive only cut on Mac, and never used PC.....making a switch over has been a costly programs are no fucking joke. when it comes to price tag.... also relearning how to do everything in a new program..heres where this week just went further south.. i lost another back up harddrive.......a new HD that i backed everything up to ....for no reason died.. it cant be read by any of my computers/laptops..    this contains., all of the interview files, plus the project edit file for the entire edit... trying not to freak out.. but if i cant get this recovered,  more the problem is being able to afford to recover the harddrive... its putting me into a terrible position.   at this point if i cant recover it.. im fucked... but not totally fucked as i do have the screening files of the original 80 minute cut... then its just a matter or reworking the new footage into the old cut...if anyone is an editor  on FCP , i think you can understand my problem...all is not lost, but its going to take a lot of work to get this beast of a doc.. back to where it was. and get it released. ,, trying to figure this out, as my new computer is PC and running adobe premiere.  and My old ass  Mac was running FCP7. there is no way i can just move things over. it has to be finished with the MAC.   BUT Losing the master harddrive.... is really fucking things up...i still have the original footage backed up.. but the footage the program was pulling from.. is gone..meaning a cant use the original project file... its either reedit the entire doc from total scratch.  or rework from the 80 min. cut.  not sure if anyone reading this who doesn't know editing will make any sense. but those waiting for the official blu release, from our kickstarter.,  please hang in there.....its a lot to undertake and to fix before i can get this out.  ... fuck im so sorry guys... bare with me .....

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Re: Beyond Horror: The History and Sub-Culture of Red Films
« Reply #62 on: October 05, 2020, 11:43:44 AM »
Damn. Thank you so much.