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Author Topic: Dead Buzz (2012)  (Read 2697 times)

Offline splat

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Dead Buzz (2012)
« on: January 27, 2013, 07:24:54 PM »

DEAD BUZZ (2012) is a zombie movie from AFTERLIFE MEDIA EFX STUDIO and the director is Giancarlo Brajdic. This is his first film, previously he was a commercial director along with his special effects work that look bloody good.

Here is the official word on this movie ~

Dead Buzz is an original film dealing with the evolution of a caustic virus which has morphed into a world-wide epidemic which, contrary to a virus' nature, has evolved to serve humankind by enhancing the subconscious minds of human beings who have processed and consumed zombie brains through inhalation resulting in an extreme level of euphoric high referred to as a "dead buzz". In order to achieve this highly addictive form of utopia, normally decent human beings are driven to acts of unspeakable violence as they hunt down terrified, fleeing zombies in this table-turning twist of zombie predators on the run for their lives!

Watching this trailer I felt it liked pretty worthwhile as a new edition to the Zombie Genre. The producer, producer/director Joe Davison also did 100 TEARS, BEAST and FEARMAKERS so felt this also gave the movie a good promise. Naturally what attracted me was the promise of the some good gore and decent looking shambling zombies.

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