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Author Topic: American Antichrist: A Dakota Ray Feature  (Read 142 times)

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American Antichrist: A Dakota Ray Feature
« on: October 04, 2018, 05:21:53 PM »

American Antichrist, the new dark, bizarre and nihilistic cinematic opus from Denver auteur filmmaker Dakota Ray (The Rise & Fall of an American Scumbag, The Acid Sorcerer)


American Antichrist is the latest full length feature from Denver auteur filmmaker Dakota Ray. The film is comprised of six vignettes that provide insight into a post apocalyptic world inhabited by deviant and vile characters, including a serial killer (Dakota Ray) raised from the dead, who is haunted by visions of hell, a deranged religious fanatic (L.B.) , a sadistic drug dealer (Nick Benning) with connections to a snuff film ring, and a female drug addict (Meg Lacie Brown) who will do anything to get her next fix. American Antichrist takes the viewer on a bizarre, nihilistic voyage, full of evil, death, drugs, religion and immorality.

Featuring a soundtrack by Doom Metal/Occult band Fallow.

By contributing to this campaign, you will have a chance to buy a  first edition DVD signed by Dakota Ray, a limited edition 11''x 17''.