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Author Topic: The Greasy Strangler (2016)  (Read 376 times)

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The Greasy Strangler (2016)
« on: July 09, 2018, 10:05:01 PM »

Everyone knows the best type of bad movie is a weird one, right? Well, it is. Every decade has that really, really weird one that stands out and refuses to leave your brain, even if you'd prefer it had never entered to begin with. More recently, the new millennium has given us the gift that quite literally keeps on giving. That's right, The Room. However, most recently, as of 2016, The Room finally has to move on over for the new weird kid in town. I think it's time we discuss The Greasy Strangler. Or at least attempt to. Yeah. These weird ones aren't getting any easier to tackle. But hey. I'm just happy that there are still directors out there trying to one up each other in the way of weirdness. I may be living in a neve rending pipe dream, but I must make sense out of them. So, here goes one more...

So, no mystery, no spoilers. The Greasy Strangler is an old man we call Big Ronnie. I take it this old man isn't quite as old as he looks. My guess is he got a bit too much sun over the years. Big Ronnie has some type of condition we never learn a single thing about, but can only assume it's of the "Jekyll And Hyde" nature. By day, Ronnie eats as greasily as possible, and by night, one hell of an ugly grease monster must prowl the streets and kill. Only the car wash can bring big Ronnie back.

I don't know. Maybe it's more of a Werewolf deal. Never mind. I really got to stop trying to figure this movie out. When big Ronnie isn't the Greasy Strangler, He is is a foul-mouthed old bastard who looks like Doc Brown's dishonest older brother with sweet hair. Ronnie loves to dress in pink almost as much as he loves to stretch the truth, and is more or less a deadbeat. Big Brayden is Ronnie's awkward, but more approachable son. Ronnie and Brayden live and work together, always dressed in pink, but usually walking around in nothing but banana hammocks at home. For work, the duo run a half-assed walking Disco tour that is mostly built on bullshit. I suppose one could say Ronnie and Brayden are bullshit artists.

Well, Ronnie is the bullshit artist. Brayden probably couldn't find his own ass without some fatherly advice. One day, luck strikes Brayden's life during a tour as he meets a woman who actually seems interested in him. Something Brayden probably never would have expected to happen. Ronnie just flat out doesn't buy it. As unsupportive and discouraging as he can be, Ronnie insists Janet won't ever care about big Brayden. It almost sounds like wishful thinking. If I didn't know better, I'd think Big Ronnie feels threatened by the idea of his son's attention being divided. He's just too proud to admit it. This isn't the only thing big Ronnie is too proud to admit.

Instead of admitting his fears of being forgotten, big Ronnie steals his son's new girlfriend right out from under him. Then, after claiming he wouldn't, Ronnie fucks the shit out of her. However not before she pops big Brayden's cherry and gets him to play with her asshole, which probably makes this betrayal all the more devastating. But hey. At least Brayden got some. You would think big Ronnie would be satisfied with his proven dominance over his boy, but, for some reason, Ronnie and Janet both now feel the need to taunt big Brayden mercilessly. This completely random sub-plot goes on until it doesn't. And just like that, Brayden and Janet get back together. This makes big Ronnie sad.

The next move is up to big Ronnie. Will this devious old codger be a smoothee and pry Janet away from his son again, or will he simply shrug it off and get greasy? Hard to do since big Brayden is cross with him. Ronnie needs his son to feed him greasy bacon and hot dogs so he can maintain his greasiness. Things get even more complicated after big Brayden suspects the old man of being the infamous strangler, and makes it clear he will stop at nothing until the mystery is solved. One thing is for sure, though. Whatever big Ronnie does next, he'll have his dick out whilst doing it.

No, seriously. That happened. All of it! It all may sound a little hard to swallow. I suppose that would be the intent. That and, of course, to repulse and disgust, which you may or may not have gathered. However, there is something quite surreal about this film, which is what ultimately makes it special. Otherwise, it would be just another dumb, grossout comedy. One thing that also sticks out is a tone of self-aware lameness that might remind one of Napoleon Dynamite. Add a dash of Farrelly Brothers and probably Troma, and you have one hell of a cinematic enigma!

This creepy old actor who played big Ronnie stole the show. Aside from his striking resemblance to Christpher Lloyd's greatest character, this guy also looks a little like Kenny Hotz in old man makeup. Plus, he always looks like he knows something you don't. And as for big Brayden. Well, words can't even do him justice. He is what he is, and he makes this movie what it is every bit as much the old man. Oh, and that woman! The only woman in the movie, come to think of it. Hell, she's probably not too bad looking underneath all that girth. It does seem like the actress had a lot fun with this whole thing. That's pretty cool. You never really know what her character is thinking, and are left to assume she's the biggest bullshit artist of all. There's a serious lack of communication between all characters. Actually, there's not a whole lot of character development either. A quality which is probably on purpose, going by everything else. We don't need to get to know anyone on a normal level. Trust me. We learn more than enough about these people, and about Ronnie's... problem/curse/hobby, or whatever the hell that was. 8/10