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Author Topic: Monstrosity (1988)  (Read 75 times)

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Monstrosity (1988)
« on: December 30, 2018, 08:18:17 PM »
“MONSTROSITY is like no other film you’ve ever seen, Milligan or otherwise!”

- Frank Henenlotter, director of BASKET CASE & FRANKENHOOKER

After his girlfriend is viciously beaten and murdered by a group of savage L.A. street goons, a med student and his two pals create a modern day ‘Golem’ from human and animal cadavers, and revive it to take revenge.  But they get more than they bargained for when Frankie, their half-human, half-witted creature, meets Jamie, a goofy street girl, and falls in love.  Soon Frankie is forced to put his killer training to the test as he goes on a Schwarzenegger/Stallone-inspired rampage against the city’s criminals armed with a machine gun and a headband.

Garagehouse Pictures is pleased to bring legendary grindhouse auteur Andy Milligan’s long out-of-circulation, penultimate feature to Blu-ray for the first time in a painstaking new HD restoration created from the original camera negative!

Available now for $24.99 each at DiabolikDVD, Amazon, EBay and directly through Garagehouse Pictures (just email us your order at!