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Author Topic: Kinatay (Butchered) (2009)  (Read 257 times)

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Kinatay (Butchered) (2009)
« on: February 01, 2019, 01:01:59 AM »
Kinatay (Butchered) (2009)

Peping, a criminology student, is recruited by his schoolmate, Abyong, to work as a part-time errand boy for a local syndicate that collects protection fees from various businesses in Manila. The easy money Peping earns is spent mostly on his girlfriend, Cecille, who’s also a student. Peping decides to marry her, but in order to do so he’ll need more money. Abyong contacts Peping to join a "special project" that pays more than normal...

2009: Cannes Film Festival: Best Director
2009: Sitges: Best Director & Best Soundtrack

You may think there's no hope when it comes to quality movies if we talk about Philippines' film industry and you would be very wrong. Brillante Mendoza is outstanding once again and Kinatay is one the darkest realistic films you could see about the dark side of Manila city. Other films you should watch Slingshot (2007), Captured (2012), Ma'Rosa (2016), ALPHA, the right to kill (2018).