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Author Topic: antithese | blacklava entertainment  (Read 1399 times)

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antithese | blacklava entertainment
« on: July 10, 2015, 10:32:37 PM »

Antithese Crowdfunding
"Oh no, not another crowdfunding"

Yes, we know, facebook is flooded with crowdfundings and other people, that want your money. But before you continue scrolling and start wondering if there are any film makers in this world, that calculate before announcing a movie, let us explain ;)

The realization of Antithese is not in danger. Even if this crowdfunding completly fails, we will shot Antithese anyway. We have robbed the piggy bank and we will be able to finance the movie...somehow.

Yet we have a couple of ideas that will make a cool movie a very cool movie. As too often in life, ideas are for free, but the realization isn't. As we definitely want to shoot a very cool movie, we would be very happy if you support us.

Today, Friday, at 8 pm (Central European Time, ~ 2 pm New York, 1 pm Chigaco ...) the website of Antithese will go online. This websites includes a small crowdfunding page, that will offer limited leatherbooks, props from the movie and will even give one (your?) company the possibility to present Antithese. We will post the link shortly before 8m.

At this point, we want to thank you, that you took your time reading this and we promise, that we will definitely do our best, to make Antithese a movie that was worth supporting it!

- Strictly limited leatherbook edition DVD
- Amaray DVD
- T-Shirt (artwork is not final)
- Supportercredits
- Associate & producer credits
- Stephen's typewriter - THE prop from Antithese

The order process is the same as you know it from the Black Lava Page. If problems with PayPal Payment occur, simply chose "PayPal Probems" as your payment option. We will contact you!

We hope you will find a perk for yourself and thank you for your support!

PS: Sharing is caring

Check out the  video about antithese here

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