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Author Topic: Nocturna | Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival  (Read 2256 times)

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The above is a teaser for Sergio Morcillo's tribute to A Nightmare On Elm Street which will be showcased at Nocturna | Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival.

From Terror Weekend
The Festival Night 2015 presents the commemorative spot to "Nightmare on Elm Street" directed by Sergio Morcillo

We are less than a month for the third edition of the Night Festival and we present the memorial spot, a tribute to Nightmare on Elm Street directed by Sergio Morcillo ( Your cries make me laugh, Metamorphose ) and produced by Javi and Kiko Prada (The Other Side Films). The spot puts us squarely in the world of nightmares created by Wes Craven . In Addition, Sergio and his team saved a surprise after the sleeve. Behind esta terrifying Their work is regularly equipment: such as Roberto HG , WHO designed the sound and mixing, WHO has recently Been Also responsible for audio post and teaser trailer for the anticipated Sweet Home or Rafa cassette ., Madrid Actor fetish driver, making Freddy Krueger himself A spot That will surprise and longing invades you. And remember: SLEEP IS NOT AN OPTION.

The Festival will be held from 25 to May 31, 2015.

Nocturna | Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival is a show case of cinema from the horror and fantasy genres. Is a yearly event held, naturally, in Madrid | Spain.

Horror wise fans of mainstream, Indie and more Underground are catered for here. Browsing the list of films on offer here showcases some very exciting titles! This year in the competition  is a favourite of Extreme Horror Cinema's, Headless!

There are three separate competition categories at Nocturna | Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival

Nocturna Official Fantastic

The variety of this section open its gates to films that dive into many genres, from sci-fi to fantastic innovation, horror and thrillers, a collage of cinematic experiences that offer to the audience the chance to understand the cinema as an endless language.

Nocturna Dark Visions

Competitive section dedicated to the most innovative and transgressive fantastic genre.

Nocturna Madness

Competitive section with films that stand out for their violence/humour, the perfect event to become the NOCTURNA's nights in frenzy parties.

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