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Author Topic: Unearthed Films  (Read 55546 times)

Offline Hemwick

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Re: Unearthed Films
« Reply #120 on: January 07, 2020, 01:12:36 PM »
I had to read the first paragraph over and over.  HOLY SHIT!  I knew he would disappoint but this news is exciting! Wow!

Offline woodenheart

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Re: Unearthed Films
« Reply #121 on: Yesterday at 04:07:34 AM »
News Bulletin from Unearthed Films!
I sound like the guys from Darkforce….. LMAO. Inside joke... But the news is that Unearthed is still open for business...
We are still shipping from the website and MVD is still running and shipping.
Gutterballs is still set to ship on the original April 14th release date. It won’t be shipping from Amazon as they have put all non-essential items on hold till April 21st, and it could be longer.
BUTorders from Unearthed, Grindhouse, Diabolikand MVDwill still be happening. If you’re in a hurry you can cancel your orders with Amazon and get them from one of us.
The post office won’t be shutting down... so that's good.
We’re offering a 30% off sale on the Unearthed website right now. And we’ll throw in an extra dvd or blu with each order just for fun. Got tons of posters too... Hell, I got tons of all kinda stuff hanging around... who knows what your going to get. LOL
On our Vimeo Extreme Channel… We’re offering 50% offeverything, both download to own and rental. Here is the 50% OFF Rental Code: Unearthed69baby
Unearthed Films Extreme Horror Channel:
Use it at check out. Also... there are a couple of free films up for grabs there. You won't know if you’ve won ‘em until you try to buy ‘em. A scavenger hunt for you all as you sit at home in forced isolation.
And since I’m also stuck at home.... I’ll go thru my personal treasure and upload some extra stuff for you all to watch on the channel….... outtakes and behind the scenes sort of stuff. I will post as new stuff goes up.
For those of you who are essential members of the workforce and still have to work... Let us know and we’ll send you a couple of free codes for free rentals. Our way of saying thank you.
These are hard times and we all need to look out for each other. All of us at Unearthed Films are here for you and ready to meet your horror needs as we wait for our lives to get back to normal (or whatever passes for normal in your neck of the woods).