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Author Topic: Monsters Among Men | Indiegogo  (Read 2233 times)

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Monsters Among Men | Indiegogo
« on: March 12, 2015, 08:14:47 AM »



8% 51 days left

This campaign started on Mar 02 and will close on May 01, 2015 (11:59pm PT).

An egocentric businessman awakens deep in the woods to find he's been kidnapped by a subversive group of vampire-like creatures disguised and living among us. He must not only unravel the mystery behind his capture, but rescue the woman he loves before time runs out.

Come assist Ryan D. Blazic in creating his horrific visions with his debut feature length Monsters Among Men. Mr Blazic's past experience is with the short film The Suicide King

Funds raised are to go to supporting the cast and crew, effects, rental of equipment along with props.

There are a number of ways to assist in Monsters Among Men become a reality. By visiting Indiegogo and making a financial contribution. But you can make another type of contribution as well! By sharing the link on your Face Book page or anywhere else you may visit on the net.

Along with this go visit the Face Book page and show support by pressing LIKE.