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Author Topic: Milfs Vs Zombies / Indiegogo  (Read 3125 times)

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Milfs Vs Zombies / Indiegogo
« on: July 06, 2014, 10:55:38 AM »

Assist filmmaker Brad Twigg raise $4000.00 for...

Short Summary

Fuzzy Monkey Films is at it again with their second display of cinematic debauchery,  MILFS VS. ZOMBIES! This time around we want to make a bigger and better film but we need your help to do it! Let's make MILFS VS. ZOMBIES the most bad ass zombie flick possible!

What We Need & What You Get

Funds raised will go towards:

Special effects makeup
We've set our goal at $4,000 and that will get MVZ made but anything above that only serves to make the film better.

The Impact

If you are tired of the same old Hollywood garbage being churned out this is your opportunity to make a change. MILFS VS. ZOMBIES will be an entertaining, action packed gore fest filled with beautiful women, tons of blood, lots of laughs and a healthy dose of nudity. With each and every contribution we will get closer to making our vision a reality. Every donation will help no matter how big or small.

Milfs Vs Zombies promises to be a practical effects driven gory zombie film going by what is offered in the trailer! Filmmaker Brad Twigg and Fuzzy Monkey Films has set his sights for $4000.00USD by 30th of August of this year! Brad has a lot of great perks on offer for your contributions! From $10.00USD for a thank you on MVZ Facebook page to the big one at $500.00USD to be the Executive Producer.

Perks I know that interests most donators though are at some great prices ranging from the DVD for $20.00USD to the DVD / Tee / Poster for $50.00USD.

BUT most exciting is for those of you in the States!

For $75.00USD be a zombie or for $100.00USD become a victim in this gory zombie film! Along with this you get IMDb credits and a Limited Edition DVD of Milfs Vs Zombies!

BUT there is another way to assist MVZ as well!

If you cannot for whatever reason donate into MVZ and love the whole idea of this zombie gore bloodbath of a film you can spread the word. Be it through sharing their Indiegogo campaign on your Facebook page to creating threads like this one on other forums or even mention it to your friends or family.

Whatever you do it all helps filmmaker Brad Twigg with better achieving his set goal of $4000.00USD and making Milfs Vs Zombies the best film possible!

For farther information go check outů

MVZ Indiegogo

MVZ Facebook