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Author Topic: EHC's Rules and Regulations (important information for all members please read)  (Read 3640 times)

Offline Dave

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Please review these 4 rules as they are strictly enforced and are necessary for good coexistence between us all. Please follow these so EHC can be somewhere where different opinions and tastes are always welcome:


A) Our goal is to keep EHC friendly. Be respectful to other members and their honest opinions as film is subjective and to our staff too who work hard to maintain a harmonious community. We encourage heated and intelligent debating but please be courteous.

B) Personal attacks or any other expression of aggression directed at any other member will not be tolerated. We also encourage friendly banter but please refrain from mean spirited bashing that is hostile and insulting interaction and behaviour that is specific to the incitement of drama. Flaming is not welcome here. And certainly no racial abuse either.

2. It is forbidden to post spam ("SPAM") as well as links (URL) that redirects to sales sites and products and to torrents, illegal streaming sites and downloads.

3. Do not post "real" gore and pornographic content whether they are videos, images or links.

4. No discussions on politics and religion.

Failure to follow our rules will result in…

The EHC 3 Strike:

(Doesn’t apply to spammers because they will be banned immediately.)

1. One of our moderators will civilly warn you in a private message.

2. If you give attitude towards us for this even though we were being polite just reasonably asking you to sort out your bad behaviour or persist with acting this way on the boards then we will infraction you with an official warning.

3. If you fail to change your ways after this then we will ban you and you will never be able to return to EHC.

We really don’t want to do this to any of you though so please conform to what we reasonably expect of you to keep EHC the friendliest horror movie forum on the internet. ;)


Offline Dave

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I've left this thread open so you lot can discuss EHC's rules and regulations with the staff and amongst yourselves.

Offline Sek'Tal Alcyone

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The reason I joined EHC in the first place is that it struck me as a relatively drama free site. I gave up on movie forums for a good while due to the mean spirited types that seem to inhabit the majority (of which I was one back in the days of BD).

There's no joy to be found in internet based bitterness and generally mean spirited behavior and it's all rather unnecessary.

Offline Dave

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There's no joy to be found in internet based bitterness and generally mean spirited behavior and it's all rather unnecessary.


Offline Dave

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I've updated EHC's rules and regulations. Please read in the opening post.

Offline woodenheart

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 lol  :yay:

Offline Seikotik

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Thats awesome.