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Author Topic: CAT IV COLLECTIVE  (Read 739 times)

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« on: August 16, 2017, 09:15:49 PM »
About CAT IV Collective.

CAT IV Collective, is a place to get everything about two studios and the art created by the people involved. Showcasing, aesthetic of exploitation films from the mainstream to the no budget independent and from old school bondage to arthouse films all is shown and explored here. Also, Category 4 also is place made to explore and review films and interview filmmakers and the distributions who go through work to get these films out to the public.

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Reviews | Collection | Art

About MollyWalsh Video Productions.

MollyWalsh Video Productions is ran by solely by Writer, Director, and Videographer A. Baez. Although, only running for only a short time, MWVP has put out a handful short films and are involved with various other indie filmmaker's projects. MollyWalsh Video Productions, is a one man band with the help of friends and talented actors. DVDs of their projects made in house have sold out and are viewed throughout several countries..
Bizarre | Horror | Art

About Sugar Hell Productions.

Filmmaking has many genres to tell a story. Sugar Hell Productions, is a film production team that specializes in Vintage styled bondage, exploitation short films, but with a hint more of weird ideas and extreme situations. The studio, is ran by writer, director Alexis Rousseau, Photographer Sam Hel and Videographer, Director and Writer from MollyWalsh Video Productions, A. Baez, who is working videography and editing on these strange short films. Sugar Hell Productions, will mainly premiere it's short films via Vimeo and very Limited Edition DVDs made by us, in house.
Exploitation |Horror | Bondage | Art