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Author Topic: Extreme Life & Death: The Blair Witches of Shockumentaries, Part Three (2000)  (Read 1872 times)

Offline JethroClemson

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Extreme Life & Death: The Blair Witches of Shockumentaries, Part Three (2000)

(The following is a direct quote from my horror blog, where I spotlighted this yesterday. Apologizing ahead of time if this is in the wrong place:

"I’m apologizing now if anything is incorrect. I can’t find anything this, such as cast and crew information. I was only able to find this picture of the third part and someone on ebay selling a sealed copy of part two on VHS (which is selling right now for only $13, so if you want it you have until November 29th to place a bid), which says it was distributed by DMP Productions. This is the first time I’ve seen a movie case that doesn’t include crew information anywhere on the cover. I still for the life of me can’t find anything on the first one, aside from the IMDb board, and given what the back of the box on part two says, I can only assume all three parts were released at the same time (or at least during 2000).

Strangely enough, part two and three don’t have an IMDb board, and there’s no information on them anywhere besides sketchy websites that have download links. One film board has a thread on this, but it’s in German and I don’t know what they were saying. This might be one of the toughest finds for me, and I haven’t had this much difficulty getting information on a movie since Bloodstream.

If you know anything about this series, let me know because I’m getting curious."
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Offline grindhousehorror

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I know this is years later but I just got a copy of the first on VHS and can't find fucking anything on it, gonna watch it tonight and will let you know if you want

Offline woodenheart

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Yes! Please do, would love to know your thoughts.

Offline grindhousehorror

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So, that was a fucking journey I went through last night. This was literally the only blog post I could find talking about it. I responded to this and didnt check again for a day. Last night i came to this website and it was a bad gateway, so the only place talking about this weird VHS no one has heard of disappeared right after I mentioned something about it, which was scary on its own. BUT then I looked deeper and I could only find 3 copies on Ebay, with zero info and a youtube playlist linking you to multiple videos of real life deaths. So, this was about an hour of falling down this hole, where the only place i mentioned it on had disappeared after I mentioned it, it was linked to quasi-snuff of real people dying and NO ONE online mentioned the first one, leading me to believe it had some shadier shit on it. The back cover of  volume one talks about Witches in a vague way so, last night, in my rabbit hole of horror I fell down, I believed for a small amount of time that I bought a snuff film of witches killing people. Whiich was fun as fuck to live, it felt like being in the first 2 acts of a real time horror movie.

ANYWAYS, I popped in it and it's a compilation mix of real life deaths and paramedics dealing with it followed by news reports of graphic as fuck happenings, from suicides to assassinations.  Absolutely was not what i expected after I purchased, I thought it was going to be a blair witch rip off, and almost definitely won't watch it again. But I am extremely happy I bought it so I could have fallen down that real life horror movie last night.

Offline grindhousehorror

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If anyone wants I can burn it onto a DVD and pop that up online.