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Author Topic: Gator Green ~ A James VanBebber Indiegogo  (Read 1959 times)

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Gator Green ~ A James VanBebber Indiegogo
« on: December 05, 2013, 05:39:05 PM »

"GATOR GREEN" - SO, the final polish on the script is done, locations selected, most of the actors cast...It is time to launch our company, secure solid legal representation to create an Investor Offering and hold Investor Parties to secure the budget for the feature film....except Team Gator Green has no start up funds. We are launching this campaign on Indiegogo to raise the seed money to get the ball rolling. We are not after the film's budget and unlike some Hollywood crowd-funding projects...we actually really need your support. Please pledge if you can or please spread the word. "Gator Green" is the new VanBebber Film......a throwback 70's-style Terror Film (that will be shot on film) that will give new meaning to "....the ultimate in grueling horror..." !!!
James VanBebber

"Greetings from team Gator Green (James VanBebber, Stephen Biro and Scott Gabbey). We are the creative force behind a new, unique horror film entitled GATOR GREEN. We are seeking to raise $12,000.00 seed money on Indiegogo to fund the launching of our company, secure first-rate legal representation to prepare an investor offering, create pre-production materials and to produce quality GATOR GREEN investor parties to aid in the investment of the production of the feature film. GATOR GREEN is a 70s-styled horror thriller about a crazed Vietnam veteran who returns from the war to take over the operation of an alligator farm in Florida. Much madness, mayhem and murder ensue.

James VanBebber is the director of several short films, music videos and two award-winning feature films, DEADBEAT AT DAWN and THE MANSON FAMILY. We are asking, for the last time on a crowd-funding site, for your help in this start-up for a truly original horror film. We will be raising the money privately for GATOR GREEN, to ensure creative control and independence. Please help team Gator Green raise this seed money that will greatly aid in the legal presentation to investors of this feature film. We appreciate your consideration and hope you will join us on this journey.

Thank you."

Stephen Biro ~ Producer

Here is another chance to help out a true Underground / Indie film making icon. From cult classic Deadbeat At Dawn, his short films, to music videos and naturally The Manson Family Jim VanBebber is a serious talent! He is a guy who can get a lot out of a little and create something truly worthy, for me that is a real sign of a great director!

Gator Green's perks range from $25.00 to get your name in the credits of Jim's film to $2000.00 to actually have the chance to be in the film as an extra along with 10 films from Unearthed Films postage paid. Even if you don't have the funds yourself you can assist by spreading the word out that James VanBebber has a new project going!

Lastly, the Kickstarter fundraiser raised $9,572 of a $7,500 goal, this was for the short film version that had been showing in selected cinemas along side VanBebber's The Manson Family (2003)

Gator Green Indiegogo is from 4th December 2013 to 2nd February 2014