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Title: The Zero Years (2005)
Post by: Splat on August 12, 2019, 08:46:34 AM
Nikos Nikolaidis'


Four women, who have been sterilised and are under constant toxic restraint and surveillance, are serving their term in a government-run brothel. Their duty is to have sex and beat their customers without remorse. The relations between them are at a critical point; food and water are scarce, their house is rotting and ready to collapse. Nothing on the outside exists any more. Nightmarish visions, simulated miscarriages and rapes, injections and nausea all make up their daily routine. One day, one of their customers disappears. The interrogations begin...


Michele Valley from Singapore Sling (1990)...mother... and Dogtooth (2009)...again as the mother...plays the supervisor in The Zero Years.

Title: Re: The Zero Years (2005)
Post by: Splat on August 12, 2019, 08:58:55 AM
So finally I had my The Zero Years experience!

Have had it in the Nikos Nikolaidis Boxset I bought from a member here I think 2 years ago now  :nerdyembarassed: Why I hadn't watched it sooner fuck knows! Has been a movie I REALLY wanted since 2011 Back then there was fuck all about it on the net as far as I could see so it remain an enigma for me.

An interesting film visually, character and story wise. Aspects of Singapore Sling (1990) show up here in the form of how the characters are, certain sado-masochistic tendencies and what have you.

Both have their own flavour thus they are their own experience!

It was calling me so finally got it out and glad I did!