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Title: Night of Fear (1972)
Post by: I_Drink_Your_Blood on February 27, 2013, 01:59:22 PM

Night of Fear is a 1972 Australian horror film, directed by Terry Bourke. It was written by Bourke and produced by Rod Hay. It is about a woman who is terrorised by a serial killer in the woods. The film's theme and style bears a resemblance to the horror classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, released two years later. The film is notable for having no dialogue or character names. It has been called "the first Australian horror movie of the renaissance".

Short though it may be (clocking in at around 50 minutes), it certainly doesn't lack where suspense is concerned.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBZLw8GGd9w (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBZLw8GGd9w)
Title: Re: Night of Fear (1972)
Post by: woodenheart on March 17, 2019, 11:45:45 AM
This movie was originally planned to be first episode of a 12-part Australian Broadcasting Corporation horror series entitled 'Fright'.
This film features no dialogue. However, there is a soundtrack which includes sound effects, vocalizations and music. It's still a horror film where shrieks and screams are audible.
None of the characters in this movie have proper noun names. They are all billed by descriptions e.g. The Man, The Woman, The Lover, Horse Girl.
This film ran into censorship and classification problems in Australia when first completed in 1972 and was banned. The Australian 'Refused Classification' website states that "The R rating had only been introduced for a year when the Censorship Board banned this in late 1972. The makers went to the Appeal Board, and in November 1972 it was awarded an R rating. It went on to open at the Penthouse Theatre in King Cross in March 1973...It remained pretty much unseen in Australia until 2005 when Umbrella Entertainment released the film on DVD. This involved going back to the Classification Board, who, in an example of how the guidelines change, awarded it, and the companion feature Inn of the Damned an M (Medium Level Violence, Horror Theme, Low Level Sex Scene) rating in January 2005".
According to the book 'Australian Film 1900-1977', the television rights to this film were exchanged with the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) for use of production facilities and crew personnel.
The opening title credits state "Fright - Created by Terry Bourke" prior to the display of the "Night of Fear" title card.
Legend has it that some of the rats seen in the film escaped into other parts of the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC)'s studio and bred there. It is said that staff would not go to certain parts of the studio in fear of the rats from this movie.
To promote this movie, lead actor Norman Yemm walked down the Pitt and George streets of Sydney wearing a sandwich board advertising this film and with an axe over his should embellished with fake blood.
When Carla Hoogeveen was being filmed on the ground with rats surrounding her, apparently she looked up and saw all the crew jumped off the ground clinging to the rafters.
First theatrical feature film of actress Carla Hoogeveen.