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Title: Mortal Kombat Legacy(web series)
Post by: IrishG3nt on February 25, 2013, 12:22:42 PM

I have to say this little series shocked me...though they tend to be a little short which does kind of piss me off...they have a "kick ass" feel to em....someone is taking a more serious "badass" approach to the MK series...non of the watered down shit that we have gotten in the past. I would really give this series a chance it is pretty cool and the fighting seems to be on point..SUB ZERO!!! I wouldn't say fanboy but...well ya fuck it SUB is a fuckin beast :yay:

here is the first episode:
http://youtu.be/6s6UiEuCYXA (http://youtu.be/6s6UiEuCYXA)

Here is a Link to their page where you can view the 1st season. I know a 2nd season is due to come out real soon.




I will leave the rest for a surprise... 8)
Title: Re: Mortal Kombat Legacy(web series)
Post by: General Ox on March 15, 2013, 07:34:22 AM
I am a HUGE and I mean HUGE Mortal Kombat fan. I saw the trailer for this back before they were made and was blown the fuck away. I watched the first episode, and then due to my lame Internet couldn't watch anymore. I read it's getting a second series. I know you can get it on disc so I'm going to HAVE to. I loved everything I saw.