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Title: Redfern Now
Post by: JackT on November 07, 2013, 03:06:04 PM
Not sure if this should be here or aussie film thread so feel frr to move if it's in the wrong place, mods.

http://www.abc.net.au/tv/programs/redfern-now/ (http://www.abc.net.au/tv/programs/redfern-now/)

User Reviews
Powerful Drama
25 November 2012 | by node-03 (Kensington, Melbourne, Australia) See all my reviews
This is a really poignant TV drama series that captures the reality of class, race, culture, identity, and attitude. What i find most compelling is that it is a window into the possible lives of people that face struggle every day because of prejudice, racism, poverty; it breaks down the stereotypes that the typical Australian psyche has formed of Indigenous peoples and creates a beautiful web of recognition for every 'Australian'. I find that every episode (I've watched episodes 1-4 thus far) has made me empathetic, laugh, cry, smile, relate and admire the message that this Indigenous drama carries to the people.

I give it 9 *'s because it takes a stab at issues that seem to be ignored or rarely said in the television arena and it does it incredibly well.

Australia needs to wake up to its past and reform our future. Unfortunately racism is still alive and well; and sadly isn't going away, because people hold onto racist attitudes rather than questioning the past. Maybe this drama can begin something that starts to make people learn; to critically reflect and to think about more than what's on the surface like Australia's treatment of Aboriginal people, what of the reality of asylum seekers, or the ridiculous misconception of Muslim's perpetrated by the media, or the appalling struggle of refugees/Boat people who go through desperate measures that we conveniently ignore, or the changing government policies/History Wars which obfuscate change, let alone other facts of our past like the White Australia Policy and our nations history such as the disgusting aspects of Darwinism that Australia has abused for ethnic cleansing and Australia's abhorred policies of the past Indigenous atrocities that continue today with 3rd world conditions for today's Aboriginal Communities in remote areas and the Kimberly; these are reasons why Redfern Now provides something fresh and interesting. People need to be awoken from apathy and ignorance; Redfern Now provides a wonderful glimpse into re-thinking Indigenous perspectives, and should delight anyone's curiosity with it's down-to-earth reality of people, class, gender, and indigenous struggle against bias and naivety.


I havent seen this yet but going to marathon it over the weekend. I've heard excellent reviews, especially about the acting. Cinematography must be good as well because my bro is one of the DoPs ;)