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[July 13, 2018, 02:48:44 AM]

The LA premiere Screening of 


at the Downtown Independent and VIP Metal Show next door at the Five Star Bar...

The screening starts at 8:00 PM and the doors open at 7:30. After the screening, there will be a Q&A with Stephen Biro, director of THE SONG OF SOLOMON, with cast and crew. Then the VIP Death Metal Event is right next door at The Five Star Bar, a one minute walking distance from the theater. Gene Palubicki, one of the stars of THE SONG OF SOLOMON and lead Guitarist of Angel Corpse will be coming in with his band, Perdition Temple from Tampa, Florida; fresh from the Maryland Deathfest. This one-time event will blow minds and damage ears.

If that isn't enough, we have Void Ceremony coming in from San Diego with members from Ascended Dead in their line up, also fresh off The Maryland Deathfest. And if you want more, we have San Francisco favorite Infernal Damnation joining the set along with Diabolos which a a local fan favorite.

We will have a costume contest called, Dress as the Possessed! Anyone dressing as the possessed of any film, or as any priest will be entered into the contest to win an honest to goodness prop from The Song of Solomon. Come meet the cast and crew of THE SONG OF SOLOMON. Jessica Cameron, (TRUTH OR DARE, CAMEL SPIDERS) Gene Palubicki, (Angel Corpse, Perdition Temple, AMERICAN GUINEA PIG: BLOODSHOCK) and Andy Winton, (AMERICAN GUINEA PIG: BLOODSHOCK) will be here as well as FX superstars: Marcus Koch, (100 TEARS, AMERICAN GUINEA PIG: BLOODSHOCK, WE ARE STILL HERE) and Jerami Cruise, (AUGUST UNDERGROUND 1-3, MURDER SET PIECES)!

Brought to you by Unearthed Films, the leading purveyor of the most extreme horror films in the world. All who join us for the cross event of pure Death Metal and Extreme Exorcist Horror will get a free 11X17 poster signed by director Stephen Biro, actress Jessica Cameron and more, plus some of the bands who play at this once-in-a-lifetime event.
Come see one of the most extreme, intense gore-tastic exorcism films ever made. 

"In this critic's opinion it's better than THE EXORCIST."
—Spencer Evatt, House of Tortured Souls

"The film could have similar crossover appeal to the mainstream that made Martyrs and Inside such huge hits."
—Phil Wheat, Nerdly

"THE SONG OF SOLOMON is one hell of a demonic possession film and it deservedly remains in a distinctively grotesque class of its own."
—Ryan Logsdon, Beneath The Underground

''With a focus on blood and gore this will keep horror fans happy!'
—James Pemberton, The Slaughtered Bird 

Release Date Coming Soon!


Contact us @






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